Thursday, 3 May 2012


salam u olls!!selamat pagi jumaat...lama da rase xmencoretkan sesuatu dalam blog usang sy ni...btw...title post pon agak menarik kan??haha...menarik utk saya jela kot...huhu...ble ckp soal kawin...aduuu...sedih kot...sape yg xmo kawen eh???dengan umur sy yg da mencecah 26thn ni agak lewat la baru nk berumah tangga...kan??poor me rite??sape suh pilih calon lg muda??haha...xpela..soal cinta n perasaan ni xde sape blh menduga kehendak YG MAHA ESA...hehe...anggap jela hanya yg muda dr sy je yg terpikat kat sy ni..hahaha...
btw..back to da topic...actually...baru 1 2 3 4hari..i start bt preparation nk kawen ni...bnda sbnarnye blm ditetapkan lagi..saja nk segarkan angin..haha...seriesly,sy xtahu nk start ngan ape dulu..lgpon macam2 dalam kepala ni....antaranya:

1)Masa: Kalo dikirakan dgn plan,mmg spatutnye dalam bulan 8 ni..ade lbih kurang 3bln je lg utk siapkan smuanya...bulan 7 puasa..haha..penat kot nk siapkan time tu~~huhu

2)Duit/Bajet:ni lagi satu masalah gak ni..adoyaiii..ngan keadaan kewangan kami yg masih belum stabil agak membataskan perancangan pon baru je start keje..agak kureng stabil la kewangan...tulah..ari tu masa keje xmo simpan duit..skrg mula la menyesal..huhu..silap sy gak..yg agak boros...huhu lah ant.2sebab yg membuatkan sy putus angin nak memikirkan ttg nikah kawin ni...sedih u olls...ase sgt2 xnak pk sal smua ngan keadaan sekeliling,fmly,sedara...buat sy tersepit..kan best kalo sy ni anak least apa yg sy nak dlm dunia ni boleh dibeli begitu je............huhu...

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


power 0-1000
diameter 15.5mm

RM 26/pair
power 0-1000
diameter 14.5mm
POWER 0-1000

power 0-1000
diameter 15.5mm

power 0-1000
water content 38%
diameter 14.8mm
Power 0-1000

power 0-1000
diameter 14.8mm
power 0-1000
diameter 14.5mm

power 0-1000
diameter 14.5mm

Power: 0-1000
Water content: 38%
Diameter: 14.5mm
Duration: 1 year disposable


power 0-1000
water content 38%
diameter 14.5mm
base curve 8.6
duration 1 yr disposable


24K Active Golden Yulan Oil Facial Mask~1 PC

A Golden Oil Mask contains 24ml of pure whitening essence milk including ultrafine activated gold foil which has been treated by multiple biochemical processes.

What Does This Mask Do?

  • It enhances micro-circulation in the skin of the face,
  • Improves oxidation resistance,
  • It improves moisture and nutrient penetration and retension,
  • Promotes even, fair skin with less wrinkles,
  • Fading of pigment spots, and
  • Enhances the natural glow and charm of beautiful skin.

This mask targets the face and assists in the following areas:

  • Provides immediate intense cooling and soothing relief.
  • Each Golden Yulan Oil facial mask contains 24mls of pure whitening essence milk.
  • Highly moisturizing and nourishing, smoothes out wrinkles and hydrates the skin.
  • The extremely active ingredients promote microcirculation in the face, as well as skin rejuvenation.
  • Removes lines and supplies water and nutrients for skin cells, leaving the skin more evenly pigmented and soft.


  • Glycerine
  • Azulene
  • Collagen Amino Acids
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Niacinamide
  • Gold
  • Morus Alba Extract
  • Carbomer
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Purified Water

Lavender Nourishing Relieve Paste Mask 38g

Ingredient: Aspic extracted liquid, cellulose, vitamin, hyaluric acid. 
Repair and maintenance damage cell, reduce wrinkle
Application method: After clean up face, apply facial mask to paste tightens in the face, waited for 15-20 minute, after takes down, massages 3 minutes, then uses the clear water to clean. For better result each week use 2-3 times

Rose Hydrating Moisten Beauty Paste Mask 38g

Contains 50% natural Bulgarian Rose water and rose petal essence of cuticle plenty of water and collagen content, wake up tired skin and give them the luxury of roses nourishment, so that the skin with the delicate fragrance of the Rose-white in the reproduced the bright face of rosy. 
Compound amino acid, hyaluronic acid, for applications such as components, the skin surface lipid membrane to form water, deep moisturizing to prevent moisture loss effectively improving a result of the lack of water points dry, dull, reply ruddy skin health.

 Ingredients: Natural Rose essence, hyaluronic acid, honey, vitamin B3, sorbitol.

 Usage: After cleansing, apply mask closely aligns in the face heal, wait 15-20 minutes, after remove than massage ur face three minutes , and then can be cleaned with water.  2-3 times a week for better results

Olive Elasticity Firming Paste Mask 38g

Containing concentrated olive leaf essence, and olive oil, in order to provide a balanced natural skin nutrient, is quick to add skin collagen, elastic fibers, thereby enhancing the skin absorption, let loose, dry points are effectively compact, reproduce flexibility and brilliance .

 Fresh natural olive fruit juice contains vitamin E, rich in antioxidants can prevent oxidative skin aging, skin smooth fine lines, shrink pores and maintain skin compact in flexibility to allow the delicate skin smooth reply,

 Ingredients: Olive, compact essence, almond oil, seaweed essence.
 Usage: After cleansing, apply mask closely aligns in the face heal, wait 15-20 minutes, after remove the mask massage ur face three minutes, and then can be cleaned with water.  2-3 times per week better effect.

Freezing Fresh Exquisite Pore Facial Mask

innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a freezing and fresh film on the surface of skin instantly.

Feature: innovative freezing cells combined with mint from a freezing and fresh film on the surface of skin instantly, give skin fresh and freezing feeling, multiple exquisite pore essence ingredients can rapidly active the cells of bottom skin, exquisite pore and improve the dry and rough pheomena of skin , specially added the horse chestnut fruit moisturizing essence directly infiltrate into the root of corneal layer, protect the water contents of self-skin, skin is no longer thristy and restore to watery and smooth state.

Honey Egg White Purifying Mask~50g

LIYANSHIJIA Honey Egg White Purifying Facial Mask

Provides intensive hydration to stimulate cell growth, makes skin moisturisized, whiten, cure pimples, spots and wrinkles. Honey helps to whiten and reduce pores to improve skin condition


Shiseido Sheep Placenta Facial Mask 25g

~ Whitening - Moisturizing - Hydartion effect~
RECOMMENDED: Suitable For All Skin Type.
FUNCTIONS: A vlvety smooth cream that rehydrates delicate face area skin as it softens the appearance of fine lines and other visible signs of fatigue. Reinforces the skin's natural protective barrier and promotes optimal radiance. Contains Phyto-vitalizing factor, an exclusive Shiseido ingredient. Alcohol-free, non-clogging to pores, dematologist and ophthalmologist-tested. Epidermis and dermis to promote the growth of cells, ultimately leading to cortical cells to maintain full and adequate moisture, collagen protein to achieve wrinkle-free, skin beauty cream white & wrinkle imporovement to good effect, so that your skin has become white in the short term fine brilliant. This product and its fine to bring back after use in the refrigerator up to three rounds of use.

1. Cleanse your face.
2. Exfoliate your skin (optional,but it would be recommended for best result)
3. Steam your face (strongly recommended)
4. Dry your face throughly.
5. Open this foil package and apply the mas smoothly onto your face.
6. Apply any exccess aollafen gel over the mask for better moisturizing.
7. Leave the mask on for approximately 20minutes.
8. Remove the mask gently and massage the remnant essence lightly until fully absorbed.
9. Followed by your regular facial regimen.
*Long-term usage full one week is recommended*

Green Tea Essential Oil Acne Removing & Repairing Face Mask 
Elements of moisturizers, green tea, minerals, natural alga essencce.

rich in natural moisturizing elements, nourish the water that will be easily absorbed by the skin which serves to protect it, the blood circulation and smooth the skin.The green is composed of substances that are soothing and kills bacteria from within which is contained in the skin perfectly so that no trace of acne, whitening, and remove blemishes. Polyphenols contained in green tea can diminish blemishes, soft spots and dead skin cells and stimulate growth of healthy new skin and so glowing.

How to use: 
- Clean the skin before putting on a mask 
- Make sure the face mask attached to all 
- Let stand for 15-20 minutes 
- Both used 2-3 times a week

- Avoid contact with eyes, wash eyes with water until clean, call your doctor if necessary 
- Stop using if skin becomes uncomfortable / sensitive 
- Do not use on broken skin, reddish 
- Store in a cool and shady

Miss Vivi Appease & Moisturizing MaskFace and Eye Contour 50ml
All Skin Type
A deliciously relaxing moisture bath for face and eye contour, an ultra-gentle cream mask that provides immediate and long-lasting refreshing moisture thanks to the combined action of Extracts of Baobab, Lily and Iris associated with a Sweet Almond Derivative Water Lily Extract gives a remarkable sensation of well-being which is enchanced by anti-irritation Licorice Derivative and soothing Prickly Ash Extract. The skin is replenished, fresh, soft and radiant.

The eye contour is smoothed and relaxed.

Apply generously on face and eye contour. Leave on for 10 minutes, then massage remaining cream into skin or remove with NUXE Floral Toning Lotion.

Dry Skin: Aply 2-3 times a week.
Normal to combination skin: Apply 1-2 times a week.

Ingredients: Baobab Extract and Oil 6%, Lily Florentine Iris and Water Lily Extract 7%, Sweet Almond Extract 3%, Licorice Derivative 0.5%, Prickly Ash Extract 0.5%...


Collagen Moisture Neck Mask

  • Contains natural collagen extracted from plants, allantoin, special anti-wrinkle, moisturizing factors and rose essential oils.
  • Suitable for dry skin, aging skin, non-elastic skin and fine lines.
  • Moisture mask with the simulation of natural integument releases the essence contained in the mask to activate the skin and diminish the fine lines in the neck area

Chinese Herbal Blackheads Remover Mask

- remove blackhead
- will not make d pore larger
- 6g
- can 3 -4 times
- instruction : apply on nose after clean it ,wait until it dry..then just peel off and apply toner OR steam open d pore b4 apply on nose

Original PILATEN Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Anti-wrinkle-Moisture~1 Pair

What is different between Crystal Eye Mask and ordinary eye mask paper?

1. Absoption: This mask is made of plant collagen. It will gradually dissolve under body temperature and permeate into the skin. Ordinary mask ingredients, on the contrary, are usually absorbed by the cotton paper used.

2. Effectiveness: Ingredients used are taken from the nature. The compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue. With high-density plant collagen and transparent mask releasing technologym the ingredients can be quickly absorbed by skin.

Directions for use:
·After cleansing, apply the mask onto the eye area for about 20-30minutes;
·Apply the mask at least 30minutes, and then remove it and gently massage to let the essence absorbed completely.
·Recommemded to use 2-3times a week, it can be use daily if you need it.
·Each piece of mask is only for one-time usage, please do not re-use it!
·The mask will gradually dissolved under body temperature and permeate quickly into the skin, providing the nutrients and moisture needed.
·The thickness of which will then be reduced from 2mm to 1mm.